FAQ for the UTC Workforce Development Symposium


What technical requirements and system requirements are necessary for a visit?

We recommend visiting the virtual Symposium with a desktop device. You will need an up-to-date browser (we recommend Google Chrome) and a stable internet connection. You can also use it with notebook or mobile devices without any problems. If you want to use the video call function in the networking area, you also need a webcam and a microphone.

On the login page and under the menu item My Area you have the option of having an automatic system check carried out, which checks the technical requirements of your device in advance.




Networking profile

After your registration you can directly complete your profile. This acts as a virtual business card, which you can actively pass on to other participants.

If you would like to participate in networking and be found by other participants, please activate the checkbox I would like to participate in networking with my profile. Hereby you release all entered data for your digital business card and the networking area. If you check the Networking box, we recommend that you enter a short description of yourself under About me. You have the possibility to adjust your networking settings at any time via the menu item My Area > Networking Profile.


My Favorites

Here you will find an overview of all items that you have marked with a star. By clicking on the respective element, you can open it and, for example, participate directly in one of your bookmarked sessions.


Business cards

Here you can see when other participants have given you a business card. You can remember them for later or contact them directly using the communication options indicated on the respective card.



Under your appointments you will find a chronological list of your remembered events and agreed appointments. You have the possibility to export them as iCalendar file into your Outlook calendar. Already set appointments can be canceled and bookmarked sessions can be deleted.


Under Calendar Settings you have the possibility to adjust time availabilities in which other participants can make appointments with you



Here you can see your active chat history. You can browse existing chats using the search function. If you want to start a chat with a new participant or contact person of a company, please use the chat icon on their business card.



The menu item Agenda takes you to the program overview. Here you will find all scheduled sessions in chronological order.


Can I put together an individual program?

You have the option of putting together your own individual event program or pre-registering for individual sessions. To do this, please click on the star on the program item. The respective session will be added to your personal calendar and your list of favorites. You can find these under My Area in the left menu bar. 

How can I adjust the times displayed in the agenda to my personal timezone?

The agenda is always displayed in the timezone that you have selected in your profile. To change it, please go on My Area and Networking Profile where you can choose between different timezones. You can also decide whether you want the times displayed in a 24-hour-format or a 12-hour-format there. 


The prerequisite for participating in networking is the active release of your personal profile under My Area > Networking Profile. Please check the box I want to participate in networking with my profile. If you have not released your profile, you will not be visible in the networking area and cannot be contacted directly by other participants. However, you can actively approach other participants yourself.


Where can I find other participants?

In the Networking menu item, all participants who want to actively participate in networking are displayed. Sorting is done automatically according to your specified areas of interest, i.e. the highest matches are displayed first. You also have the option of searching for specific people by means of the symbols in the first line.

What contact options do I have?

You can see which contact options are available to you with a participant on the respective business card by means of the symbols in the first line.


Exchange virtual business cards

By clicking the Transfer Business Card icon a window will open and you can write a short message for the recipient. Then press the Send button to send the message and your contact information.


Start text chat

Clicking the Start chat icon opens the chat area of the platform and you are in the direct chat with the selected person. Enter your message and send it by pressing Enter or clicking on the arrow.


Start video call

You can start a  video call by clicking on the Start Video-Call icon on the participant's business card in the networking area, a window will open. If necessary, you can end the call at any time by clicking the red phone button. The called party is informed about the incoming call via a screen pop and has the option to accept or reject the call. If the recipient is not available, the connection is automatically terminated after one minute and he receives a notification about the missed call.


Accept video call

You will be informed about an incoming video call via a pop-up window. You have the option of rejecting the call with the red telephone icon or accepting it with the green telephone icon. If you accept the call, you will be prompted to activate your camera and microphone.


How will I be informed about incoming contact requests?

Incoming contact requests are displayed to you via the notification function. The bell icon on the right side shows you the number of incoming requests by means of red numbering. Clicking on the bell opens a list of all missed contact requests, e.g. chat messages or video calls. You can now access them directly.


The virtual lobby is the entrance area of the UTC Workforce Development Symposium. Here you can find further information and interesting content. 

How to navigate through the 3D-lobby?

If you hold down the left mouse button, you can look around the virtual room. With the arrow keys or the W, A, S, D keys you can move around the room. Alternatively, you can hold down the right mouse button, use the mouse scroll wheel or click on a point in the room.

All active elements are highlighted on mouseover. For example, you can use monitors to start videos or open web pages. Clicked brochures can be scrolled by clicking in the upper or lower right corner. You can also download them via the download button.